Friday, August 30, 2013

For The Love Of Conferences - Part 2

Well, I apologize that it's been a bit since I updated the blog. I was starting to get on a nice roll with it too! It has been for a good cause, but one I can't talk about yet. I have a number of 'irons in the fire' that I'm hoping will 'blossom' soon (check out the mixed metaphors!).

The biggest update in my writing life was the SCBWI conference in Los Angeles. I was able to attend due to the generosity of the wonderful Fairy Godsisters, Ink (Thalia Chaltas, Mary Hershey, Valerie Hobbs, Robin LaFevers, Lee Wardlaw). Each year they help children's writers and illustrators by providing a scholarship to the SCBWI Nationals. This year the scholarship was based on a poetry contest. We were to create a haiku that captured the experience of being a writer. And I won! Here is my entry:

The Haiku Trilogy of the Querying Author ( to be read in a round)

Creative Spark

Struck by Apollo
Lord of the Muses guides me
Blank paper beckons

Depths of Rejection

Flung from the slush pile
Weeks of waiting for nothing
Form letter response

Fresh Edit

Fresh edit is hope
Stripping the story to bones
I begin again

And since I'm in Canada and flights from here to LA cost a wee bit more than they do for US writers, I am also grateful for a grant I received from the Writers' Community of Durham Region, my local and extremely supportive association.

For all of those stuck in querying hell, my love and sympathy - I hope you enjoyed my poems. I'll be back soon to give a report on the conference in Part 3.


Lee Wardlaw said...

Looking forward to your conference highlights, Heather! <3 Lee

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